We as L.D.S. Intíl Survey Co. Ltd. have ability to do inspection and/or survey at following countries because of itís link to international inspection Group of companies;


Germany, France, UK, Netherland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia (Baltic Sea ports, Black Sea ports, Moscow region), Ukraine, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania

Russia and Former USSR states, China, Georgia, Mongolia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, KSA, UAE,  Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, India, Singapore and Indonesia.

Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, Kenya, Angola, Mocambique, South Africa, Cameroun and Benin.

USA, Canada, Mexico, Brasil and Argentina

Australia and New Zealand




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