L.D.S. INT’L SURVEY CO. LTD.(L.D.S. ULUSLARARASI GÖZETİM VE DANIŞMANLIK LTD. ŞTİ.) is an Internatıonal Inspection company located in Istanbul /TURKIYE. Ever since 1998, the company defends the interests of clients operating in the worlwide trade of any commodities. 

Since its foundation L.D.S INT’L SURVEY CO. LTD., has been providing full range of  inspection and survey services to clients  by highly skilled, competent surveyors, all with a profound nautical education and with an exprience of many years as marine and cargo surveyor. 

Our services cover any port or any places in Turkey by our own offices and represantatives. Efforts of L.D.S INT’L SURVEY CO. LTD. in order to expand coverage of its own services, are continuesly growing up. Our new offices in Ukraine is in progress. 

Today, The company  as one of the inspections companies working worldwide is succesfully representing many inspection companies and has ability to present services at Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Far East, North and South America and Africa by its networks. 

Our policy is total customer satisfaction and we are contionusly in liasion with our customers to enchance and improve our services to accommodate their needs and requirements.


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